Safe Web Pro

Is your business Safe?

Safe Web universal app for ipad and iphone  


The BEST Whitelist Internet Browser for iOS devices

Safe Web Pro is a must-have in order to control what your guest customers and employees browse.

▶ It is recommended to any kind of business deploying iOS devices in order to restrict internet access to only corporate or approved websites.

▶ This app will block all websites, except those added to the custom whitelist. Internet browsing is restricted on both wifi and cellular data networks.

▶ Default homepage is configurable to your own domain or custom web page in order to block access to any place outside your company or website.

▶ It is useful for schools, colleges, information kiosks, congress stands, hotels, airports… or even home!

▶ For an easy and convenient administration, Safe Web Pro is ready for bulk uploading of websites: a batch of bookmarks can be uploaded all at once.

Safe Web Pro is a must-have for any business committed with the security of their IT systems



Some features


It runs in a safe sandbox where navigation is only allowed to the domains and websites in the whitelist.


Bulk uploading functionality for massive upload of bookmarks. Administration made easy.


Less is more minimalistic design. Simple and easy.


Based on Apple's Webkit engine state-of-the-art technology. Enabled for full gesture navigation.


Easy to setup password protected interface for bookmarks settings. Password recovery funcionality.


Buy it once and use it in all of your iOS devices: iPhones or iPads.


This is how it looks

Add website to the whitelist Only websites in the whitelist can be loaded. Internet web browsing is limited Simple, light and clean design. Remove design and focus on content

Only bookmarked websites in the whitelist can be loaded. It gives total control and security.

Adapted to all sizes of iOS devices, ipad or iphone sizes

Universal app, both for iPhone and iPad.


Protect your business now!